Psyched Up: Learn About RC Psychology Department

By Caitlin Fredericks
Shield Staff 


Clinical psychologist Dr. Gordon MacKinnon, who leads Rochester College’s psychology department, is proud to endorse its curriculum, and the opportunities that are available for those pursing undergraduate degrees and those who are not.

For those who are passionate about the human mind, and are dedicated to the embodiment of research, obtaining a traditional Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology is the most recommended course for prospective majors.  

Required Psychology Classes

Upon successful completion of a general education core, advisees must ensure that their mandatory requirements of taking general psychology, statistics for the behavioral sciences, research methods in the social sciences, psychology seminar, and ethics in behavioral science are met prior to graduation.

As individuals adhere to these academic standards, he or she must also fulfill nine credit hours of non-laboratory instruction, and select from taking psychology of adjustment, life span development, psychology of personality, abnormal psychology, health psychology, and history and systems of psychology.

Additionally, seven credits of laboratory work must be upheld, and may be recognized with the disciplines of either brain and behavior, cognitive, learning, and memory or advanced experimental psychology.

Finally, eight credit hours must be observed in regards to the advanced program, and may be achieved through child development, psychology of adulthood and aging, child and adolescent development, introduction to psychological assessment, introduction to psychotherapy and counseling, substance abuse and addictive behavior, diversity and cross-cultural psychology, psychology of group processes, directed research or directed readings.

Midwest Psychology Conference Presentations

As psychological scholars draw nearer to their graduation dates, and as their time at RC gradually expires, those recently enrolled in upper division courses are privileged to have recently earned one hundred percent acceptance rates to conduct poster presentations at the Midwest Psychology Conference in Chicago, and whose constant presence ensures that RC is a competitive, affluent and gifted institution.

Recently, alumni Hannah Kwiecinski-Wilkinson and Dr. Robyn Siegel-Hinson verified these perceptions by reaping in substantial cash rewards, but their seminar recognition extends far beyond any monetary gains.

 “I am very proud of the students and the faculty in this program because we’ve not only generated more acceptance than the University of Michigan for our poster presentations, but our coursework has also ensured our majors are ready for a Master’s Degree program or life as a Doctor of Philosophy or Psychology, therapist or researcher down the road,”Dr. MacKinnon said.

RC Offers Counseling  

Notably, the generosity of RC’s psychology department surpasses far beyond offering academia classes and undergraduate classes for those who study its book. For those who are in need of sound advice or a confidential ear to listen, RC has a psychology and counseling clinic available for all students on campus.

The first of these five sessions are available at no cost, and is ten dollars for each proceeding service. If you wish to set up an appointment with a clinical psychologist, please email Melissa Schroder at, Dr. Mackinnon at, or contact him at (248) 218-2122.