Creative Writing Options Available At RC


by Shiloh Covell
Senior Writer

Ex Libris, a creative writing group, and Blackberry Winter, an independent creative writing journal, are Rochester College’s main avenues where creative writers can exercise their talents.

Ex Libris

Ex Libris consists of a handful of writers sharing their works every other week. These works range from prose to parts of bigger works like novels or movie scripts.

Ex Libris is guided by Professor Pamela Light. She offers up advice and suggestions for those who let her read their pieces as do the other members of the group. This writing group has a mix of faculty, students and even a couple outsiders.

Ex Libris meets every other Thursday in the CHILL and anyone is welcome. The group can also be joined and used for one credit hour.

Light and a few of her students are working on getting teachers, authors, and students to not only share their works, but run writing workshops in the Spring semester.

Contact Pam Light at, for more information.

Blackberry Winter

Blackberry Winter is an independent creative writing journal full of content from both students and faculty members that is published in the spring semester.

The publication is over eleven years old. Blackberry Winter was first created by Jennifer Hamilton, the Assistant professor of English back in 2004, and several students at the time.

The current editors for this year’s publication are: Natalie Redmond, Shiloh Covell, and Michal Smelser. Submissions will be accepted in January for those who want to contribute. Works must be under 500 words.

Email Shiloh Covell at, for more information.