Preparing for Pledge Week

Caroline Huey

Shield Staff

Pledge Week is just about to start, and it is the time to decide which club you want to be a part of, if at all. Pledge Week, now formally known as Club Week, begins Oct. 25th and continues until the 30th. Throughout this week, you will attend mandatory team building activities with your club of choice. These activities will bring you closer together with your fellow pledge members while allowing you to prove yourself to the current club members.

RC currently has four clubs from which to choose from: Epsilon Theta Chi (men only), Omicron Omega Zeta (women only), Sigma Phi Delta Nu (co-ed), and TAU (co-ed). Each of these clubs has something unique to offer, and choosing between them should not be taken lightly. Whichever club you choose will be your on-campus family for as long as you wish to stay with them.

As you begin the pledging process, it is important to know a thing or two about your club of choice:

Epsilon Theta Chi

The men of Epsilon Theta Chi [ΕΘΧ] are a fellowship of Christian brothers, who pledge their lives and service to God, the church, Rochester College, and to one another. President of ΕΘΧ, Robert Williams, says that during his pledge week, “I learned a lot about myself, what it meant to be in a brotherhood, as well as learning about God in ways I never thought about.”

Omicron Omega Zeta

Omicron Omega Zeta [ΟΩΖ] is an all-girls club with a mission to act as servant leaders in their community while building each other up. They enjoy spending time together as sisters in Christ and going out in the community to serve. Hannah Kwiecinski, president of ΟΩΖ, says, “I love my Zeta girls, I know I can trust them with anything!”

Sigma Phi Delta Nu

Sigma Phi Delta Nu [ΣΦΔΝ] is committed to be united under the common cause of Christ by engaging in service to the college, community, and to each other. This club values commitment, and enjoys spending time together as a family. Mercedes Hostetler, president of ΣΦ, says that her fellow members “are the first ones to have my back and the first ones to celebrate great things that happen in my life.” President of ΔΝ, Chris Winter, says, “I came to this school not knowing anyone, and this club took me in, and has helped shape me to be the person I am today.” 


TAU [ΑΤΘΚΤΞ] strives to be a family that makes a difference in the community. They are lifelong friends and family; the kind of family you get and want to choose. Christian Carisle, president of TAU, says that this club has “No judgments, just support, just family.” This family will be ready to support your through life’s challenges, without judging you for your mistakes.

These clubs are all different, but they have one thing in common: family. Whichever club you choose, you are sure to become part of a new and exciting family of believers.