Lyric, Lyric on the Wall: “This is America” by Childish Gambino

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.


by Christian Todd
Assistant News & Opinions Editor

“We just wanna party

Party just for you

We just want the money

Money just for you”

Brian Eddings, senior

Troy, Michigan

“I believe these lyrics “We just wanna party” are referring to United States society and consumerism. It seems like “We just want the money” is also referring to the United States’ longing for money and our ambition for success sort of clouding everything in the entire context. This song seems to be tearing apart different tropes of our society, and so, I am assuming that these lyrics are also doing that in that particular way, saying that party is for the sake of the party and money is just for the sake of the money.”

Samantha Sidorowicz, freshman

Romeo, Michigan

“What I think he is saying is America is just this free-spirited country and we are typically known for our party animal personalities. What we want to do is party for the country and get money for the country and show that we care about this great America that is our home.”

Amber Nicole, freshman

Parkland, Ohio

“I think what it means is America is a free country and we can do what we want. We are doing it for our country in any way that we can.”

Trevor Baker, junior

Ashland, Ohio

“Judging by the lyrics here, it just seems like a personal celebration of a person. It just seems more personal like for you rather than like a group.”

Sean Milligan

Assistant professor of English

Rochester Hills, Michigan

“The ‘you’ is sort of vague and it seems to be based on the title of the song, to be about exploitation and the way that consumerism and capitalism tend to exploit people.”