Lyric, Lyric on the Wall: “Changes” by Tupac

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.

by Moet Dickinson
Guest Contributor


“We under I wonder what it takes to make this one better place, let's erase the wasted”

Hannah Zoorob, sophomore

Sterling Heights, Michigan

“To me, I’m looking as how messed up our society is because of the prevalence of toxic people and how we have to erase them or erase the ‘wasted.’ ”

Niesha Robertson, freshman

Detroit, Michigan

“I do agree with this lyric because we as at the bottom of the food chain. I say this because we are still dealing with what’s been going on back then. Tupac states more in the song that we go through police brutality and racism. Nothing really (CHANGES) but the year.”

Courtney Hewitt, junior

Garden City, Michigan

“I feel like it means we want change but don’t necessarily know what to do. But we have a hunger for something different. We just want a fresh start and forget everything that happened.”

Carmyn Lorenc, junior

Monroe, Michigan

“This makes me think someone’s stuck or needs help—maybe drowning. The second part makes me think we’re under society’s pressures and what do we gotta do to change it. Like how do we make the world better. The last part makes me think let’s get rid of the bad.”