Top six Bruno Mars music videos

By: Daniel Higgins

Assistant Design Editor


Everyone is listening to music, whether it be on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud. However, have you watched music? It’s great, especially when it comes to one of my favorite artists, Bruno Mars.

Mars is very talented when it comes to publishing music videos. The choreography, visuals, and lightning make his music a lot more enjoyable. In this article, I am going to countdown my top six Bruno Mars videos.

6. Treasure

This is one of the Mars’ older videos. The main theme of the 2013 video is the 1990s. Being the older style of video editing and lower resolution for effect, it is a great piece of work. I love the start of the video with Mars being on stage and all the lights going into the camera. The choreography is very simple, but enjoyable to watch and the visual effects of the 90s later in the video are great to look at and reminds me of being back when we did not have 4K resolution or any high definition television. This is down in my list because it does not stand out enough to be anywhere else.

5. Lazy Song

This video is very well crafted and very simple. Even though the complexity of the video is small, does not make this a bad music video. What really makes this video is that it is done in one take. No stopping the camera. No post editing to rearrange scenes. That takes a lot of concentration and really good memorization for the for all the dancers. Plus, the monkeys are hilarious to watch in the background.

4. Uptown Funk

The big role in this video is the choreography of Mars and the rest of his crew. The set of this video makes it great as it takes place in a less than modern town. This really helps build what the perspective of the music is trying to hit. The bouncy dance moves really get me into the music as well.

3. 24K Magic

24K Magic is a based around having a lot of money. Putting the music video in front of flashing lights is the best fit for the video. I really like how this music video is constructed around expensive items, as the video’s opening scene is Mars getting off of a private jet with three Cadillac’s in front of it. That really sets the tone of the video and earns it the number three spot on this countdown.

2. That’s What I Like

This video is super creative with the best part being is how simple it is. The only big change in the scene is the lighting. The artistic work of the animations in the video really help tell the lyrics that Bruno sings. Especially later in the song in the big chorus leading up to the final verse. Where Bruno is screaming into the camera. This music video is simply amazing.

1. Finesse

Finesse is a visual masterpiece. The complexity of the stage after the opening intro of the video is beautiful. The best part of the video is the lighting. The moving head lights are super attractive with the addition of the camera work. The dance moves put on by Cardi B and Mars are phenomenal and it makes me want to get down with them.