“Daredevil” season three: is it worth a watch?

Lukas Swarts
Features Editor

Netlfix’s show “Daredevil” has been one of my favorite television shows to watch. The first two seasons were amazing and the show has been the best one of the best Marvel has created to date. After season two was released, I was excited for season three, and I could not wait for it to release. Unfortunately, it was delayed due to the events of “the Defenders” which Daredevil co-starred in. Nevertheless, season three released on Oct. 19, 2018 and I have to say the expectations I had were surpassed. Warning spoilers will be discussed in this article.

Season two ended with Daredevil fighting alongside Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist in Midland Circle against the Hand. Ultimately, Daredevil sacrificed himself for them to get out and leave. This left us to believe that Daredevil had died, however, a post credit scene shows him lying in a bed bruised up, but still alive.

Early in season three, we find out that Daredevil was not being noble or brave for sacrificing himself for the other heroes. Come to find out, he was trying to get himself killed because he was on a downhill spiral emotionally due to losing Elektra in season two, just to find out she was brought back to life in “The Defenders.”.

In this season, Daredevil is on an interesting character arc. The first two seasons were spent with the idea that he was trying to make a difference. However, this season we find out that that is not the case. Daredevil decides to get rid of his costume and to return to the black suit. The main reason for this is let the Devil out. He fully takes on the mantle of Daredevil, and leaves Matthew Murdock behind.

This season we get introduced to a new villain named Bullseye. Bullseye has an interesting backstory as he grew up with parents that didn’t care for or love him. Ultimately, they died, and other events in Bullseye’s life gave him sociopath type tendencies. He is a very interesting character who starts off as a good FBI agent, but eventually turns into a villian.

As accustomed in all seasons of “Daredevil”, the long one-shot hallway fight scenes are incredible. The one shot in this season is the most intense and the most action packed and is probably the highlight of season three.

This season was very entertaining as it always had me trying to figure out what was going to happen next. There are many jaw dropping moments and things you do not expect. I would highly recommend watching Daredevil season three, as well as the other two seasons if you have not seen them yet.