5 rap albums from 2018 worth the wait

Devon Williams
Staff Writer

2018 has been a great year, especially in rap music. This year has been filled with new music from rap veterans like Lil Wayne and Drake, but new artists like Juice Wrld and Denzel Curry have made their mark. In this article, I will give you my favorite albums of 2018 and why they are important to me.

5. Kamikazee - Eminem

After releasing below average music for the past few years, Eminem has broken out of his shell and released something that gave fans hope. Kamikazee may not be Eminem's best work, but it's some of the best work of 2018. This goes to show that even when Eminem's not on his A game he is still one of the best in the rap music industry.

4. The Carter V- Lil Wayne

The Carter V is Lil Wayne’s 12th studio album and it is easily one of his best. This album is full of hits like “Can’t Be Broken” and “Mona Lisa” which are two of my favorite songs from this record. I enjoyed how Wayne brought in featured artists like Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. In my opinion, I think these artists are similar in their approach to rap music and I like how they collaborated to create one of the best albums of 2018. For Lil Wayne fans it has been a long time coming, but it’s been well worth the wait.

3. Scorpion- Drake

Scorpion is some of Drake's best work and his longest. This album consist of 25 songs which is a new record for the Canadian artist, but every minute of the album was gold. All in all, Drake will most likely be on my top five list until he no longer makes music.

2. KOD - J. Cole

Before I dive deeper into this album, I want it to be known that J.Cole is one of the best artists in the industry at the moment and he doesn't get enough recognition. Cole has been producing quality records since releasing his first studio album and KOD is easily one of his best. This album has been nominated for best hip hop album of the year and rightfully so.

1. Astroworld - Travis Scott

With all the albums on this list, Astroworld is by far the best one. Not only was this album full of hits, it was a listening experience like I’ve never had before. Travis Scott outdid himself on this one and hopefully he produces more albums like this.