7 shows to binge watch on Netflix


By Jordan Deane
Staff Writer

As a full-time college student, I understand that we will find anything to distract us from doing homework. Netflix is one of those things. Netflix has a wide variety of shows, movies and documentaries where one episode, ends up turning into hours upon hours of watching to the point where Netflix makes fun and judges us by asking “still watching?” Below are what I believe to be the shows that will keep you from doing your responsibilities with no regrets about it.


A hysterical, wide variety personality filled comedy that showcases the importance of great friends and surrounding yourself around people that love you through all stages of life. After two seasons, this show will have you procrastinating all your homework assignments until the last minute.

“The Office”

Guaranteed crying laughter with the relationship between Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert that unfolds episode after episode. This is a show where you physically feel the embarrassment and uncomfortable situations that occur by office manager, Michael Scott. His antics will have you cringing in your seat while simultaneously laughing.

“Stranger Things”

An intense, suspense thrilling, action-packed show that will continue to have you come back for more because of the feeling of the “I must know what happens next” cliffhangers. It’s a great time to start watching it, because season two just released late last year.

Parks and Recreation”

Similar toThe Office” dynamic in comedy form but has its own identity as well. Mark my words: by season two, Ron Swanson will be your favorite character.

“Last Chance U”

For all football fans like myself that love to see how higher college division sports programs function and the work that gets put into it as well as stories about kids overcoming adversity and some unfortunately not willing to do what is necessary to set themselves up for success, “Last Chance U” is the show for you.

“New Girl”

Close to the friend dynamic of the show “Friends,” New Girl provides a more modern version of that because it was created in 2011. Also, as a man who has a friend who is more like a brother, the relationship between Nick Miller and Winston Schmidt will have you spitting out your drink and laughing hard, reminding you of you and bro.

“The 100”

A show based upon a post-apocalyptic world that will have your heart pounding from start to finish as the 100, who get sent down from ‘The Ark’ in space to see if the earth is livable again after a devastating nuclear apocalypse, find out how to work together and survive on earth with surprises along the way that were not in their realm of possibilities they thought they would see.