Iron Fist season two recap and review

Lukas Swarts
Features Editor


Iron Fist season two arrived on Netflix September 7.  This is Marvel’s 10th show that they have released with no intention of slowing down. Iron Fist is a Marvel show that hasn’t had much success compared to Marvel’s other shows like Daredevil, Punisher or Jessica Jones. I didn’t really have many expectations coming into this season, however Iron Fist season two redeems itself. Heads up SPOILERS will be discussed in this article.

Iron Fist season two starts out with Danny trying to protect New York City, specifically Chinatown, after the events of the Defenders. Danny was told that, as the Iron Fist, his mission is to destroy the Hand, an evil criminal organization, and protect K’un-Lun where he was raised. In the Defenders, the Hand was destroyed and at the end of season one of Iron Fist, K’un-Lun was destroyed. Danny now does not know what his true purpose is, so he focuses on protecting the city. His girlfriend, Colleen Wing, has decided she will no longer fight to defend the city, because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. However, that changes quickly as the season progresses.

The pacing in season two is rather slow at first, but it does pick up as the season goes along. As opposed to season one, season two’s pacing is more eventful and entertaining. The fight scenes are more authentic compared to season one, and it is grittier. In this season, there are less board meetings and company drama which was a major problem in season one. This season focuses more on Danny and Colleen, and there has considerably more action.

The main villain in this movie is Davos, Danny’s brother from K’un-Lun. Davos believes Danny stole his birthright and the right to hold the Iron Fist. In one of the episodes there is a flashback to Danny and Davos fighting in ritual combat for the right to hold the Iron Fist.

Davos teams up with Joy Meachum to defeat Danny on two different fronts. Take the fist and tear apart his company by competing against his. Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum were the previous owners of Rand until Danny returned in season one, so Joy wants to get her revenge on Danny. Ward decided to stay at Rand and work with Danny.  Joy and Davos hire Mary Walker to capture Danny, so they could transfer his power to Davos. Walker is an interesting character who has a disorder with multiple personalities.

In the middle of the season, the story starts to pick up. Walker capturers Danny, and they take the fist from him; which is then transferred into Davos through a ritual. They do not however kill Danny instead they drop him off half dead on a bench bleeding out. Colleen, with the help of Detective Misty Knight, eventually find Danny and he survives.

After having a talk about what happened, Colleen and Misty leave Danny with Ward while they look for the Crane sisters, the ones who helped Davos with the ritual. After Colleen leaves, Walker offers Danny a deal, and she will take Danny to Davos to confront him. Davos wants Danny to fight alongside him. Since Davos has had the iron fist he has been changing because of the power he possesses and has been killing as many criminals as he can. Walker comes out and Davos fights both Danny and Walker. Davos feels like he was set up by Danny. Danny ends up breaking his leg during the fight while Davos was knocked out when they injected drugs in him. Unfortunately, Walker’s alter comes out and Davos is not captured, as Danny goes to the hospital. 

Danny gets trained by Colleen, so he will be able to fight Davos and take the fist back. However, a major twist takes place as Danny states that Colleen should become the new Iron Fist. Danny explains that the fist consumes him, and only she can overcome it and hold it. He needs to learn more about what his purpose is with the fist before he can before he holds it again. Danny takes out Davos, and they get the sisters to perform the ritual again. Unfortunately, Davos wakes up in the middle of the ritual, and he fights Colleen, who now also wields the fist. Eventually they take Davos down, and Davos is arrested. Danny suddenly leaves New York and heads to China with Ward. Danny wants to learn more about the fist, and Colleen is the new Iron Fist protecting New York at the end of the season.

Overall, I enjoyed the season. It was definitely better than season one, but there are other Marvel Netflix shows that were better.