9 moments in "The Kissing Booth" that make it so bad, yet so good

Taylor Isenberg
News and Opinion Editor

In May 2018, Netflix premiered a new romantic comedy, “The Kissing Booth”. Based off of an online book of the same name, “The Kissing Booth” has become so popular, that one in three Netflix users have seen the teen flick. If you’re like me and you’ve become so obsessed with the movie that you’ve seen it more than five times, then maybe you’ve picked up on some things that don’t quite make sense logically. As many people have told me, “This movie is so stupid, but yet so good,”. Making it a cult classic for generations to come.

Here are 9 moments in the Kissing Booth that are so bad, yet so good.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

  1. In the beginning of the movie, Elle, the main character, while reminiscing about her childhood says that her and her best friend Lee, were born at the same time on the same day at the same hospital. This isn’t very realistic, but it could just be a coincidence?

  2. In the first scene where Elle and Lee are sitting by the pool at the Flynn’s house, Elle is wearing a swimsuit top that is pretty sporty looking. Later in the movie, she is seen wearing this top again when Lee gets paint all over her and she goes to wash up, but accidentally walks into the boy’s locker room. Maybe she just went for a swim in her sports bra in the first scene, or just wore her swimsuit top as a bra at school.

  3. This is my favorite obvious reason from the movie and the plot that really doesn’t make sense. What school would give the green light for a kissing booth as a fundraiser for a school club? My high school didn’t even let couples kiss in the hallway!

  4. The scene where Elle told Tuppin he could have her number AFTER he grabbed her butt at school when she was wearing a pretty short skirt. Elle tells him he can take her out if he dresses up in his football jersey and a girl’s uniform skirt at school, which he does. It’s the dumbest part of the movie.

  5. The next scene then cuts to Lee driving Elle to her date with Tuppin. If it’s a legit date, then Tuppin should’ve picked up Elle.

  6. When Noah drives Elle home from the carnival, why is it raining like there’s about to be a hurricane? In real life, it never rains that hard, and you can tell that the rain is poorly done special effects.

  7. Later on in the film, why do Noah and Elle spend the night behind the Hollywood sign? There are trails going up to the mountain and in real life, someone probably would’ve caught them.

  8. Elle’s escape route from Noah’s room is jumping out the window onto a trampoline, which he moved right up to his window when she wanted to leave. This is dumb because who would just jump out of a two story window onto a trampoline?

  9. Whenever Noah calls Elle “Shelley,”. Enough said here. This is cringey.

Overall, these things that might seem stupid and pointless to the story, are actually things that make “The Kissing Booth” such a cult classic. The goofiness and the corny parts of the story make this movie a fan favorite. A fun, easy going movie to check out on a Saturday night with some your favorite snacks!