A summer full of festivals: reviewed

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by Jenna Pomaville
Digital Content Editor

Jenna spent a large majority of her summer attending music festivals around America. Her, a bunch of friends and a lot of festivals. Here is her breakdown of those festivals:

Movement Detroit (3/5)

Detroit, MI

Movement was not a bad festival at all. I got to go for free through a friend who got me a production wristband. I got to go through all of the VIP areas. I could even go backstage (which I found out after the festival was over). Techno music is good, but gets repetitive to me after awhile. Although it wasn’t exactly my scene, I could vibe with it.

One thing that really frustrated me about this festival was that they didn’t have a free water station. It was over 90 degrees outside that weekend and if I wanted water I had to buy one for $3. That’s really why I rated Movement a three out of five because every single festival should have a free water station.

Electric Forest Weekend 1 (5/5)

Rothbury, MI

Out of all the festivals I’ve ever been to, Electric Forest is by far my favorite for many reasons. They do everything the correct way in my eyes. The people at this festival are kind and considerate. There’s so much positivity and light in the air I could literally feel it.

All of the activity that happens behind-the-scenes is done with reason and thought. One such system is “Ecology.” After every big show during the festival, event staff hand out trash bags to people which turns into a contest to see who can pick up the most trash. While everyone is picking up trash, music plays and a prize cart goes around giving out tokens to those who turn in trash bags. You can win merchandise and even lifetime tickets to Electric Forest if you collect the most trash. It’s a smart way to get people involved in keeping the area clean and also winning something in return! Those are only two reasons why I love this festival.

Electric Forest Weekend 2 (4/5)

Rothbury, MI

The only reason why I’m giving the second weekend a four is because there were twice as many people there this weekend than the first. The lines were a lot longer to get in to the festival, for food, and for the bathrooms. The weather that weekend was uncomfortably hot. I couldn’t even sleep in my tent. I ended up turning my car on and sleeping in air conditioning.

On the last day of the festival, everyone was evacuated around 5 p.m. because there was a bad storm coming. We didn’t want to leave because we knew there would be a huge line to get back into the festival if they decided to reopen, but there was nothing we could do. The festival reopened two hours later which lead to the worst line ever. It took two hours to get in and once we got up to the maze (where the line actually forms), there wasn’t a line. It made no sense to me at all.

We missed a part of our favorite artist (the main reason that some people chose the second weekend over the first), but we ended the night together with our squad of friends, made up of more than 20 people. After all of the rain and chaos, it was a great ending to an amazing weekend.

Mopop Festival (4/5)

Detroit, MI

Mopop had a super cool vibe. It was very chill and lighthearted. Mopop is mostly indie/alternative music, but the oddball artist was Brockhampton (who killed it, obviously).

The art was colorful and unique. There is a lot of open space at the festival site, so I would like to see more art or interactive spaces be put into this festival. There was really nothing wrong with the festival at all, I’d just like to see them add to it.

Lollapalooza (2/5)

Chicago, IL

This festival is a very conflicting one for me. Lollapalooza always has the greatest lineups featuring a variety of artists. The location of Lollapalooza is astounding to me. It’s in Grant Park in the middle of Chicago. It’s one of the coolest venues to be in because you look up and see so many skyscrapers above you.

Lollapalooza sells out every year with more than 100,000 people attending the festival. At this festival, they have water stations which is an A+ in my book, but there are more beer stations than water stations which makes me upset. The lines for water are ridiculous.

The main reason why I rated this festival a two out of five is because of the crowd. I have never witnessed such an inconsiderate, rude, and all-around awful crowd at any other festival than this one. People will shove you over, knock into you, and are not willing to help you out if they don’t know who you are.

My group of friends  were walking out of a crowd and people were feeling all of our waists as we walked by. Unfortunately, someone swiped my friend’s phone out of her pocket and turned it off. By turning it off, she wasn’t able to locate where her phone was on the Find My iPhone app.

Directly after that, someone came up to me and said, “excuse me” while grabbing onto my waist. Luckily I don’t keep anything out of my bag/purse that I carry, so whoever was touching me didn’t take anything. As I turned around to see what was going on, the person stayed behind me and did a full circle with me and ran away after.

It irritates me beyond belief that there are people that strictly go to this festival to steal and take advantage of others. Lollapalooza has the worst crowd I’ve ever witnessed.

Breakaway Festival (5/5)

Grand Rapids, MI

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Breakaway to be that great of a festival. It was located at a park in Grand Rapids. There was a huge hill that everyone could sit on or we could walk to the very top and go to a silent disco.

I think the biggest reason why I liked this festival so much was because three of my favorite artists were playing there. I loved the way the festival was set up; the stage was smaller than I expected it to be and it felt as though we were at an intimate show. The headliner, Odesza, was a very special performance to me and I think it was because it felt more intimate and small. The crowd was friendly and I really was expecting the opposite, but that is another thing that made this festival so wonderful.