Lyric, Lyric, On The Wall: "Change"

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.

By Kaitlin Milligan
Assistant Magazine Editor

"Change" -J. Cole


“I know you desperate for a change let the pen glide
But the only real change come from inside.”

Caroline Huey, Senior
Pontiac, MI

“This line makes me think of the creation of new laws, waiting for someone else to make a change for you.  But the only real change comes from inside oneself.”

Breanna Mihalovich, Senior
Rochester, MI

“You can write as many laws as you want to try and create equality, but only true equality comes from a change of heart.”

Zachary Kwiecinski, Senior
Leonard, MI

“A lot of people write about the change that they want, but they aren’t willing to accept the implications that may come from that and don't do anything about it.”

Essence Hode, Freshman
Detroit, MI

“Changing yourself from the inside not the outside.”

Brandon Langland, Resident Director
Rochester, MI

“Stop blogging and complaining about crap and go out and do something.”