Lyric, Lyric, On the Wall: "Kill Our Way To Heaven"

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.

By Skye Donaldson
Shield Staff

"Kill Our Way To Heaven" -Michl

"We would say anything just to hear what we want
Right or wrong
Then we lie to be forgiven
We would sell anything just to buy who we’re not
Any cost
We kill our way to heaven"


Justin Brown, Siena Heights Athletic Trainer
Riverside, MI

“I think this reflects what our society does. It kind of reminds me of the criticism of millennials. The common view of millennials is that they are so self absorbed and won’t look up from their phone until something really affects them. All of that isn’t completely true, but there is definitely something to what this person is trying to say.”

Errol Donaldson, OU Junior
Oxford, MI

“This made me think of Kanye West. I love Kanye, I think he’s the man, but the guy kind of is relentless in the sense that he’s going to say what he wants to when he wants and he’s going to spend what he wants. Like right now, he’s so much in debt and for what reason? And then there was that whole Taylor Swift situation over the years that finally came to a point this summer. He’s wild, he’s going to do anything at any cost to sell his brand.”

Kirsten Rivard, RC Junior
Marysville, MI

“These lyrics make sense. I think this is a common thing with many people; to say and act how one person wants other people to act is common. I’ve had several friends who would try to justify their actions just because it’s what they wanted. The selfishness really shows out through people when someone will do something for themselves and retract all they’ve done when they get what they want.”

Jordyn Zyngier, OHS Senior
Oxford, MI

“Donald Trump. This is Donald Trump exactly. He’s done everything said in those lyrics. Look at his Twitter, he tweets s*** that doesn’t even have any factual background. He’s a businessman so the selling and buying part completely makes sense. I feel like Donald Trump is going to take office and go back on a lot of what he said to get into office. I remember watching a video of him saying that he would run on the Republican ticket on a conservative platform just to get votes.”

Olivia Delgado-Price, Rochester College Coach
Rochester, MI

“These lyrics are pretty deep. Killing our way to heaven… I’m not sure how I feel about that. Figuratively, I guess it’s true. Today’s age is all about making you’re way, your own money. In the case of this song, Heaven could be the end goal for an individual. This song is saying an individual will do anything to get to that end goal.”