Lyric, Lyric, On the Wall: "Imagine"

A segment where RC students, faculty and friends interpret modern lyrics into daily meanings.

By Joseph Swenson
Social Media Manager

"Imagine"- John Lennon

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I’m not the only one."

Sam Berry, RC Senior
Flint, Michigan

"I think that John is talking about dreamers in this line. He’s talking about people that are hoping for a society or world or civilization that is united, no banners. He talks about a world with no religion that separates the world, which is sad. This song is sort of a vision of a world that people live in peace and harmony. That he’s not the only one that envisions this world. Don’t strive for anything less than a world where we're unified, there's peace and to be a dreamer."

Caleb Touchstone, RC Senior

"To me I feel like it means John Lennon knows that there are more people out there who have different opinions and dreams, and what I get out of it is that it means just a bunch of hopes and dreams. He knows that other people are still out there trying to achieve and strive for for each one." 

Marsha Dziewit, Food Service Director
Redford, Michigan

"I don’t know if I've ever really thought about it. That everyone has dreams of what their life will turn out like, but that necessarily doesn’t happen that way."

David Koons, Peranis Employee
Macomb Township, Michigan

"I would say that every dream is different, but he’s saying that all people have dreams about what they want in life and he’s not the only one who agrees with it."

Johnny Lykins, RC Sophomore
Salem, Indiana

"Basically doesn’t think anyone believes him. That he doesn’t think anyone believe the way he does. Ironically, there are other people that do believe him but they are scared to come out and say it. He’s basically just stating what other people are thinking."