Upcoming Scary Movies Will Get Your Heart Racing

By Skye Donaldson
Print Editor

In an annual tradition of October fright, seventeen horror movies will premiere at movie theaters in October.  If you love the feeling of your heart racing and a knot in your stomach--or you just love hating on poor plot lines--check out my list of the most anticipated scary movies of October 2017.


Cult of Chucky premieres on Oct. 3, giving the Child’s Play franchise its seventh installment. Cult of Chucky is projected to bring box office revenues of the franchise to more than $300 million. In the Cult of Chucky, Chucky is back again to make trouble for another human victim, but he also will be settling scores with some old enemies.  Don Mancini, creator Child’s Play franchise, continues as director and sole writer. Fiona Dourif will return as Nica Pierce and Alex Vincent will return as Andy Barclay. No CGI has been confirmed for this movie, meaning the scares shown on screen are “all doll” and that much scarier.

Premiering on Oct. 6, The Crucifixion tells a true story of five members of the Roman clergy. All members were convicted for the murder of a nun, but there were extenuating circumstances of the death. From the producers of The Conjuring and Annabelle, another exorcism story challenges the audience’s beliefs. This film explores more than just exorcism, but what happens beyond that. Something the film calls “transference.” Sophie Cookson, star of the Kingsman series and the film Emperor, takes lead in thus horror flick. If for no other reason than to see a film that is produced well, it will be worth checking out.

Happy Death Day premieres on Friday, Oct. 13, which is appropriate. This movie gives us a Groundhog Day feel when a college student relives the last day she is alive before she is murdered over and over again. Trying to find a scenario where she is able to save her own life provides the audience with plenty of scares and even laughs. Jessica Rothe, who is most recognized from La La Land in her role as Alexis, stars as Tree Gelbman.

Kirsten Rivard, a senior social work major at Rochester College, says she loves watching horror movies and is anticipating Happy Death Day. “I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary movies, but I’m really excited for this one because it looks kind of funny from the trailers,” she said.

Other horror movies to be released in October and expected to do well are: Dementia 13, Amityville: The Awakening, Leatherface, and Jigsaw.

With Halloween in the air, these movies will be just the thing to darken the mood.