16 Ads That Look Like America Now

From CAMPAIGNLIVE.COM: See the I&C Disruptors of 2017

As hard as people try to avoid advertising these days, there’s no escaping its influence—not just on what we buy, but on our perception of the world around us. Historically, advertising hasn’t been great about taking this responsibility seriously, too often leaning on lazy stereotypes or showing the same happy white family over and over again.

Just as the industry is learning to take diversity among its talent seriously, it is increasingly producing work that lives outside those narrow cultural margins. To honor the brands and agencies taking inclusivity and creativity seriously, we present our I&C Disruptors of 2017, 16 creative teams whose work defies stereotypes or prominently features underrepresented people. The honors will be awarded at Campaign’s inaugural I&C Conference on Feb. 28, in New York City.