Fey and Poehler Collide in “Sisters”

by Dylan Bole
Digital Editor

Fans of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler finally have the chance to see the two comedians star together as diametrical siblings in the feature film, "Sisters," which hit theaters in December. 

The two sisters find their way to Orlando because their parents are moving out of the family home.  The parents have also asked them to clean out their rooms in one weekend so the family home can be sold.  This challenge allows the contrasting personalities of the sisters to connect. 

Maura (Amy Poehler) is recently divorced and spends her time helping others and sick animals (her pet dog has one eye).  She strives to always do the right thing in extreme measures such as spraying suntan lotion on a random man sitting on the street corner.  

Kate (Tina Fey) is brazenly outspoken, which has caused her to be fired from multiple jobs and to move from one apartment to the next.  This immaturity has upset her daughter causing her to leave her mother.  

As the sisters start cleaning up their rooms, they come across diaries from their high school years. Maura’s diary is filled with menial tasks and memories of niceties, such as taking a disabled classmate to prom.  While Kate’s diary talks about the parties she enjoyed and the many classmates she went out with. The contrasts in the diaries create quick humor that immediately connect the sisters to the viewer. 

Since Kate has been having a tough time holding a job and Maura has finally asked out a man from down the street, they decide to host a party inviting their former high school classmates.  However, their roles will be switched with Maura taking part in the fun while Kate is the party mom taking care of others.  The role reversal lets Poehler share awkward conversation starters and Fey interacts with her classmates allowing other cast members to contribute to the comedy.  

The party brings the sisters together with Maura seeking out Kate for help with how to communicate with her new male friend and both sisters doing the bubble butt dance.  

Yet, contention between the sisters continues to build as the party nears its end. 

Sisters provides ample opportunities for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to share funny one-liners and presents a sibling rivalry similar to Step Brothers.  The raunchiness may keep a few people at home, but many scenes will make you laugh out loud.  

I recommend going to see this movie if you are a fan of these two female comedian maestros and appreciate crude humor.