Andy Mineo's New Album: Uncomfortable, Christ Will Be There

By Caroline Huey
Shield Staff


Andy Mineo’s music is rap for those who do not like rap.

Even the thought of rap music can cause certain people to roll their eyes or cover their ears; not everyone enjoys hearing obscene words yelled at them from the speakers of their car or from their home radios.

Mineo’s rap still has the same beat, but this is Christian rap: with no swearing and no disturbing innuendos. This is the kind of rap that Christians would not mind blasting in their cars as they drive.

Mineo Bio 

            Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, is originally from Syracuse, New York. He worked as a producer in Henninger High School and joined a hip-hop group called “Fat Camp,” which was signed to Syracuse University's Marshall Street Records. It was not until he moved to New York City that he realized his weak spiritual condition. He decided to re-dedicate his life to Christ and restart his career as a rapper.

Mineo began by creating mixtapes and collaborating with other rappers, abandoning the name C-Lite along the way. After releasing many singles, Mineo was able to produce full albums.


 Andy Mineo’s new album, Uncomfortable, features songs such as: “Now I Know,” “Rat Race” and “Vendetta.” These songs along with the rest in the album are about turning your life around and following Christ. They promote living a Christian life and being a Christian example to those around you, no matter who they might be.

Mineo’s lyrics make it clear that he did  not have a perfect, easy life, which is especially evident when it comes to his relationship with his father. In his song, “Now I Know,” he raps, “Over the years you get more accustomed to pain/I used to believe my dad when he said he’d come to my games,” and then in his song “Vendetta” he says, “My momma worked the night shift/Still made it to every game/While my father sat at home/I promise that when I have my own we will never be the same.”

He may have led a complicated and painful life, but his music suggests that he is a firm believer in Christ, and he wants to help those who are struggling with their faith.

Catchy Beat and Powerful Lyrics

            The music in these songs has a catchy beat to it. The sound of a saxophone is prevalent in many of the songs, mixed in with the usual drumbeats and guitar chords. By using a saxophone in his music, Mineo has once again set himself apart from other kinds of rap artists. Saxophones add a more smooth tone to a song, which one does not often find in rap songs.

            The messages behind these songs are extremely strong, and are words that all people, not only Christians, could benefit from hearing.

For instance, in Mineo’s song, “Uptown,” he says, “Baby, how you gon’ complete your life checklist?/Spendin’ every night watchen’ Netflix/Time is so precious, gotta invest it where you spend it/If we prisoners to comfort we judge our own sentence.”

As a young adult, I can personally identify with these lines. Sometimes I feel that I am too comfortable in the position I am in; I feel that, if I were willing to step out of my comfort zone, I could do so much more with my life. Mineo’s lyrics are urging people to break away from this comfort and follow their dreams.  

             Mineo’s other two albums are much the same. In his song “You Can’t Stop Me” from his album Never Land, he says, “They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide/Only thing I fear is God and he on my side/That’s the confidence of God, cause he got me/That’s why I feel like/You can’t stop me.”

Mineo's Rap Has Strong Christian Messages 

            I enjoy listening to these songs, and I am not a fan of rap music. There is something freeing about listening to the same kind of music as others, but not having to feel guilty about it. This music reminds me that Christians come in all shapes and sizes; they are not only the people one interacts with at church. When I listen to this music, I am reminded that Christian people from all walks of life have the same goal: live a good and godly life. 

            This album is filled with well-written, well-sung songs that have a strong Christian message. This combination of features is hard to find in other rap albums. Even those who cringe at the beat of a rap song can appreciate Mineo’s music because of his clean and inspiring lyrics. These songs may not make complete sense and they may not use perfect grammar, but that is not the point of rap songs. The important lessons to take away from this music are in the lyrics. God is bigger than any problems you might be facing, and if He is around then you have nothing else to fear.