Atomic Coffee: Royal Oak's Freshest Coffee Hangout

By Alyssa Yakey
Digital Editor

Don’t let its name fool you. Atomic Coffee combines a coffee shop, smoothie and juice bar, and sandwich place in one comfortable and convenient location in downtown Royal Oak.

With its sleek, modern design and a gigantic cup of Joe hanging form the awning, Atomic Coffee is a hard shop to miss. Enter its doors, and soon, your non-caffeinated day gets a little better.

Image courtesy  @atomiccoffeero

Image courtesy @atomiccoffeero

After stepping under its decorative awning and entering its door, you are met with glass curtain walls and a comfortable, inviting environment. Your eyes automatically start to scan the smooth lines drawn by the white countertops. They are decorated with espresso machines and pastries of all sorts waiting to be purchased.

Atomic has both outdoor and indoor seating, both of which are secluded away from the crowded streets of downtown, allowing for more intimate conversations.

Atomic offers a range of handcrafted drinks from the classic cappuccino to a new hit called the nitrogen cold brew. This specialty brew has a strong, yet sweet, taste when compared to regular coffee drinks. To make it, a heatless press is used and the brew chills for 16 hours. The drink is then topped with a velvety finish.

Aside from the new trend of cold brew coffee, Atomic also offers the classics of lattes, chai tea, hot tea, iced tea, smoothies and regular brews that can all be paired with the housemade syrups. From simple vanilla to honey lavender, these syrups can take your coffee from ordinary to a personalized treat for under $5.

When it comes to seasonal drinks, Atomic likes to switch it up by offering different drink options. For this Holiday season, the specialty is a rosemary brown sugar latte.

Atomic Coffee also offers breakfast and lunch options. The handcrafted sandwiches are paired with a bag of Great Lakes chips. Sandwiches include anything from an Italian sub to a vegetarian sandwich featuring a marinated Portobello mushroom.

Atomic Coffee’s quality of food and service exceeds local competition in its downtown Royal Oak location. The restaurant staff places an emphasis on serving the customer the fastest and best way they can, making you feel like a regular.

Eleni Bucca, an employee at Alex Emilio Salon, which is a door down from Atomic Coffee, says she is excited to have this new coffee shop so close to her work.

“Everyone here at Alex Emilio loves Atomic Coffee,” Bucca said. “It’s a great change from the everyday Starbucks and the breakfast options are my absolute favorite. I’d be lost without my iced latte and ham croissant.”

Many regulars who frequent Atomic end up developing their go-to items.

Image courtesy  @atomiccoffeero

Image courtesy @atomiccoffeero

The combination I constantly turn to is the roast beef sandwich paired with a berry bomb smoothie. The pairing is delicious, moderately priced and keeps me full for the rest of my workday. Then whenever I’m feeling low on energy, Atomic’s cappuccinos put me right back on my feet. Compared to other coffee shop drinks, this is my favorite combination of espresso and milk so far.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Atomic Coffee to anyone looking for his or her new coffee hangout. The coffee shop is located on the corner of Main and E Fourth Street and is conveniently open seven days a week, with shop hours varying from 6 a.m. to midnight. Atomic Coffee is fast, delicious, and, definitely, a sight to see.

For more information, visit or “like” Atomic Coffee’s Facebook page, Atomic Coffee, or follow its Instagram account at @atomiccoffeero.