Save Elephants, Feel Good!

by Amber Joseph
Creative Director

I ordered my first pair of Elephant Pants from about two months ago and immediately fell in love with the style, comfort and cause supported by purchases, which is to help save African elephants.

Pure Comfort

Elephant pants are also the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. If you ever have the desire to go everywhere in your pajamas, but look good, this is the product for you. The pants are made of rayon, a derivative of cotton, and are extremely soft and breathable. They also have a thick elastic waistband and pockets on either side.

The pants come in two sizes: regular for sizes 0-12 for women and 28-36 for men, or large, for sizes 12-16 for woman and 36-40 for men. Children’s sizes can also be purchased.

Because of the material of the pants, they are delicate and should be hand-washed or washed on a low setting on the washer. They can’t be put in the dryer and have to be dried flat, which can be annoying. However, the pluses of the product outweigh this negative, as they don’t have to be washed every time you wear them.

A Good Cause

Each design of the pants is named for an elephant that has passed away from mistreatment in captivity, poaching in the wild or from natural causes. This makes each pair even more unique and the company also has “limited editions,” which are only available for a few weeks.

The pants are made in Thailand and the company is transparent about its workers and the conditions of the factory. All the workers are paid double the minimum wage and provided with healthcare plans. The reviews about the factory are overwhelmingly positive, and the founders of the company visit every few months to make sure the working conditions are in tip-top shape.

Comfortable & Affordable

For college students, or any busy person, I would recommend these pants again and again. They are comfortable and affordable; each pair runs between $18 and $25. Best of all, the pants help a wonderful cause.

Less than 100 years ago, millions of elephants roamed free around the world, but now fewer than half a million remain. Elephants are being killed for their ivory tusks so that consumers can have ivory jewelry and other trinkets. .

Proceeds from sales of Elephant Pants support the Say No campaign, which is sponsored by the African Wildlife Foundation. Say No attempts to raise awareness and work to save the elephants.

In its first year of operation, The Elephant Pants through the sales of bags, jewelry, tapestries, and of course, pants, has contributed more than $120,000 to Say No.

Raise Awareness

Just wearing the pants helps to raise awareness. When I have a pair on, I am always asked where I bought them. That gives me the opportunity to send people to the website to order pants and to learn about this cause.  As word spreads about this initiative, The Elephant Pants is slowly becoming a movement similar to Tom’s, with its one-for-one campaign with shoes.

Hope College student Dana Bolcer has four pairs of the pants and sings their praises. “I love the unique styles and comfort. On top of that, they help an awesome cause and I love the company!”

One popular product that often sells out within the first few days of being on the site, is the “mystery box.” The boxes come with a limited edition pair of pants, a piece of jewelry and a mystery item. The pants in the boxes are never made again, so you are guaranteed a unique product.

Get Discount

If you want to check out this great company or get yourself a pair of pants, head over to to learn more. Use my name “amberjoseph” as a discount code to get 15% off at checkout.