"Trainwreck": Not Your Mama's Kind of Movie

by Lindsay Baslock
Sports Editor

Monogamy isn’t realistic! This is the theme in the 2015 summer rom-com “Trainwreck,” starring Amy Schumer, an emerging actress from “Saturday Night Live,” who also wrote the screenplay.  The DVD of Trainwreck was just released Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Alongside Shumer is Bill Hader, a comedian also from “Saturday Night Live,” who plays her love interest, Dr. Aaron Conners.  Under the direction of Judd Apatow and the producers of the movie “Bridesmaids,” comes a story of two extraordinary people living opposing lifestyles.

Life of Amy

From a young age, sisters Amy and Kim’s father drilled into their minds that monogamy is not realistic. He makes this theory concrete when he divorces his wife, their mother, because he simply wants to date other women.


Amy grows up to live by her father’s ideology and becomes a career-focused writer for a magazine in New York City. She drinks a little too much alcohol and does whatever and whoever she desires. Her normal routine becomes a little rocky when her “boyfriend,” played by professional wrestler John Cena, has wedding bells in mind. Yet, she is off thinking about her next one-night stand. Their relationship terminates when he learns of her affairs and her unwillingness to change.

Her non-committed lifestyle starts leading her to nowhere…or at least until her next work assignment brings her closer to a handsome sports physician. Amy is appointed to write a close-up profile on the mild-mannered and successful Conners, whose best friend just happens to be Lebron James.

Start of A Romance

As their interviewing encounters become more and more “off the record,” a budding romance occurs. The couple are both put out of their comfort zones and before too long, Amy is in the serious relationship she always avoided.

Connors treats her like a lady and proves to be fully committed to their relationship, which is another new concept for Amy to comprehend. When life sinks to its lowest for Amy, she must choose whether or not to fall back into her old habits or trust in Aaron to be there to comfort her when she is down.

7 out of 10 Stars

Do not misunderstand; this is not your stereotypical rom-com. This is not the kind of movie you want to watch with your parents or children. Similar to “Bridesmaids,” the movie is however perfect for a girls night out. It is rated R for a reason, including sexual situations, nudity, drug use and language. If you cannot handle multiple f-words in a sentence…then this is not the movie for you.

One aspect that “Trainwreck” brings to the table is how the movie does  not objectify women with nudity. Most movies these days cater to the male genre and have at least one topless woman in the film…not this one!

Not once will you see Amy Schumer or other fellow actresses naked; however, I cannot say the same for the men. JCena and other minor male actors showed off a bit more than they needed to. While the movie may not objectify women in the standard form, the cast unfortunately makes up for it with its foul language.

Out of 10 stars…I would give “Trainwreck” seven. It will keep you laughing and guessing as to what comes next…mostly of what comes out of their mouths. One movie-going experience was all I needed to get my fill of raunchiness.

The $10 ticket price was a bit steep when you add on the cost of popcorn and drinks. For any penny pinching movie watchers, save your money…”Trainwreck” will be on DVD soon enough. Once was enough for me, and I wouldn’t view the film a second time. I also would not recommend the movie for anyone over 50 of my parents age or younger than 18 years old.

“Trainwreck” was a train wreck indeed.