Rapture Ruckus Rolls Out Christian Dance Music

For my third album review in the five of the best Christian albums of 2015 series I will be listening to Rapture Ruckus’ “Invader (Deluxe Edition)”.  I got the opportunity to see this group live in support of this album earlier this summer. However, this review will actually be my first time listening to a studio album by Rapture Ruckus

Opening Tracks

In Crowd (feat. Soul Glow Activatur)” is the first track of the album. This song sounds like a potential pop hit.  The song features some powerful synth parts and some catchy melodies.  My favorite part of this song is probably the rap bridge which features musical guest Soul Glow Activatur

“Volcano (feat. Jonathan Thulin)” consists of some trippy drum loops. The song’s chorus soars with some shimmering keyboard synthesizers.  To me, the most attractive part of this song is the vocals which pulled me in and kept my attention for the full duration of the song. 

“Everybody Get Up” has some funky guitar and synth parts which make this an enjoyable dance song. The Dubstep moments during this song’s bridge really complete the feel of the song.  Overall, I would say “Everybody Get Up” is another fantastic pop song that has plenty of potential to be a hit with listeners.

Second Half of the Album

“Carry Me (feat. David Dunn)” opens with some exciting drum parts. The song expands with the addition of some clever keyboard sections.  To me, the best part of this song is the instrumental work of Geoff Duncan and Josh Stein. 

“In This Together (feat. Shuree)” features some background synths that sound like something out of an old Atari video game.  The song has some enjoyable gang vocal sections that include performances by guest artist Shuree

Final Songs of the Album

 “Mr. Roboto (Grapishsoda Remix)” is a remix that has an epic feel to it. I could definitely see this being played in a club setting or some other party type setting where intense dance music is desired. My only complaint about this remix is that it seemed a bit short compared to the previously mentioned remixes.

“Parallax (Unikron Remix)” is the final track on the album and starts out with a quiet beat and opens up into an array of instrumental music as the song progresses. My favorite part of this remix is probably the song’s mesmerizing drum parts.  All in all, this remix is sure to please any Dubstep fan.

All things considered, I have to say that this album really impressed me. I have yet to hear any of these songs on my local Christian radio station, which really surprises me because all these songs seem, to me, to be radio friendly.  I would recommend this album for anyone who is looking for some trendy dance pop with a Christian message.