August Burns Red's "Found in Far Away Places"

By Brian Hilliker
Shield Staff

Album Merges Genres

Welcome back to my review of the five most popular Christian music albums of 2015.  In this second installment I will be reviewing August Burns Red’s “Found in Far Away Places."  This work is the follow up to the band’s 2013 release “Rescue & Restore." 

Opening Tracks

“The Wake” opens August Burns Red’s 2015 release “Found in Far Away Places." The guitars in this song are heavy and the drums are fast paced.  The screams are fierce.  Overall, this is a fantastic opener for a hardcore album. The breakdowns are powerful and create a nice contrast for the otherwise ultra fast pace of the song.

 “Identity” has an epic opening that consists of guitar, drums and bass. The song picks up quickly and kicks in full blast. Much like “Martyr”, “Identity” pays tribute to other genres of music with a bridge that sounds like it was inspired by the “surf rock” music genre that was popular during the 1950’s. Vocally, the song consists of some catchy chants that are sure to impress any hardcore fan.

Second Half of the Album

“Everlasting Ending” features some exciting cymbal parts from drummer Matt Greiner at the beginning of the song. The song’s chorus lyrics “don’t let me down” soar and give the song an incredibly catchy hook to build on. The ringing guitar solo of this song is another great reason to give this track a listen.

Final Songs of the Album

 “Twenty-One Grams” immediately dives into the intense chaos of face-melting rhythms and killer breakdowns. One of the breakdowns in this song consists of some cool sliding guitar sounds. Overall, this song is an interesting listen that ends with an instrumental section that is opposite to the song's beginning. 

 “Vanguard” is the last song on the album and is an appropriate closer for the album.The song starts off with an electronic loop based opening and from their cruises back, which is worth a few listens.   

As a whole, “Found in Far Away Places” is a “no nonsense” hardcore album. It includes some impressive genre-bending moments that showcase August Burns Red’s musical appreciation for other genres of music. I would recommend this album to any hardcore fan or anyone who has a love of music that blends various genres together.