RC Community Divided @ 2016 Presidential Race

Shield Media sent a five-question survey via email to the Rochester College community, including traditional students, CEL students and all employees. The survey was voluntary and anonymous; each participant had to use his or her RC email address to submit a response; and each person could only respond once. The survey was open from Oct. 12–20, 2016, and 264 people submitted their responses. Here's what we found:

5 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

On Nov. 8, I will vote for Donald Trump.  I admit that Trump is far from perfect, and his past is sprinkled with words and actions that are simply wrong.  However, despite what much of the media would have us believe, this election is not so much about the past as it is about the future. I support Trump because he offers a hopeful future for the United States, particularly in the following five ways.     

5 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Hillary Clinton

Our first female presidential nominee has actively been involved in our government for over 30 years, and with that number, Hillary Clinton’s dedication and experience is proven.  Here are just five -- of many -- reasons why #Imwithher. On Nov. 8, 2016, I will be casting my vote for our future president, Hillary Clinton.

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Thank you to those who participated in our survey.

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