President Obama Makes Historic Visit to Laos, Tensions With Muslim Migrants in Denmark

China Warns Hong Democracy Activists after Election-BBC News

After thirty young pro-democracy activists won seats on the Hong Kong Legislative Council, the Chinese government warned them that there is “resolute opposition” to any actions from inside or outside the council to make Hong Kong independent from China. At least six candidates who support greater independence from China won seats on the Legislative Council, making the council have thirty pro-democracy candidates out of 70 giving these candidates the ability to veto major constitutional changes. Also, one of the candidates is Nathan Law who helped lead the “Umbrella Protests” held in Hong Kong in 2014.

Obama Opens Historic Visit to Laos, Nation with Rising Importance to U.S.-CBS News

On Tuesday, President Obama landed in Laos to forge a better relationship with the nation and heal past war wounds. Obama is the first sitting U.S. President to visit Laos after the United States committed a nine-year carpet-bombing campaign on Laos during the Vietnam War to prevent the North Vietnamese from receiving supplies. Unexploded cluster bombs can still be found in Laos and have hurt or killed an estimated 20,000 people since the Vietnam War. As a result, the Obama administration is committing $90 million over three years to clear the country of these unexploded bombs. Obama also sees the visit as an opportunity to improve relations with Southeast Asian countries to oppose China’s dominance in the region.

“I’ve Become a Racist”: Migrant Wave Unleashes Danish Tensions Over Identity-NY Times

Over the past two years, 36,000 asylum seekers, mainly Muslim, have settled in Denmark shocking a nation where newcomers are expected to quickly learn Danish and adapt to the social norms.This influx of asylum seekers has caused an increase in laws targeting migrants supported by the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party, currently the second largest party in the Danish Parliament.The main tension with these new migrants in Denmark is there influence on the Danish economy or Danish citizen’s fear of a terrorist threat.The Danish government has increased the difficulty of the citizenship test and has placed ads in Arabic-language newspapers focusing on these tough policies.“Denmark is closing in on itself. People are retreating inward,” Julie Jeeg, a law student that volunteers with an antiracism group said.