Personal Attacks in Presidential Debate, Recycled Children's Orchestra Turns Trash Into Music

Presidential Election Debate: Trump and Clinton Clash-BBC News

In the first of three presidential debates held at Hosfra University, both candidates personally attacked the other. Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton does not have the temperament to be president and Clinton asked Trump to explain why he has not released his tax returns.Trump also attacked Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state and she explained that he was not fit to be commander-in-chief for his support of Vladimir Putin. A CNN/ORC poll taken after the debate found that 62% of voters thought Mrs. Clinton won the debate and 27% thought Mr. Trump won the debate.

Young Musicians are Living Their Dreams, Thanks to a Recycled Orchestra-CBS News

In the small village of Cateura in Paraguay, built around a landfill, trash has been transformed into musical instruments. Residents of Cateura frequently pick through the landfill to find objects to sell in order to provide food for their family.The idea to turn trash into musical instruments came from former environmental technician Fabio Chavez. He also gives free music lessons to any child hoping to escape poverty. The orchestra that uses these musical instruments made out of trash is named the Recycled Orchestra and consists of 70 kids.“The most surprising thing I’ve seen in these children is the change in their eyes-from living in hopelessness to living in hope of a better future,” Chavez said.

Two Bomb Attacks Take Place in Dresden, Germany-CNN

In Dresden Germany, two bomb attacks targeting the International Congress Center and the Fatih Camii Mosque occurred on Monday night. Both bombs were homemade devices causing property damage and Dresden police believe the attacks were coordinated.“Both attacks happened in the same time. Although no one claimed responsibility for the incident, we must have to consider a xenophobic motive for the attack,” Horst Kretzschamar, Dresden police chief said in a statement.