Air Strikes in Aleppo Damage Pumping Station, National Museum of African American History and Culture Officially Opened

Syria Conflict: Air Strikes Leave Aleppo ‘without water’-BBC News

The UN Children’s Agency has reported that airstrikes in Aleppo on Friday stopped repairs to a damaged pumping station that supplies water to rebel-held areas in the eastern part of the city. In retaliation, a pumping station that supplies water to areas in the western part of the city has been shut down. “Aleppo is slowly dying, and the world is watching, and the water is being cut off and bombed-it’s just the latest act of inhumanity,” Justin Forsyth, Unicef deputy director told BBC.

Obama: Black History Museum Tells “richer and fuller” story of America-CBS News

The National Museum of African American History and Culture the newest Smithsonian venue was officially opened by President Obama in Washington D.C. on Saturday. The museum has exhibits on lynching, slavery and the victims of Jim Crow as well as highlighting African-American success in music and sports. “This museum provides context for the debates of our times. It illuminates them and gives us some sense to how they evolved,” Obama said

Charlotte Shooting: Police to Release Videos Saturday-CNN

Charlotte police are releasing several videos of a black police officer shooting Keith Scott at an apartment complex on Tuesday.These videos will be released after Keith Scott’s widow shared her own cell phone video of the event publicly on Friday.The release of the video by the Charlotte police has been a point of contention inspiring protests in Charlotte over the past four nights. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told reporters he waited to release the video until the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation verified him that the videos would not interfere with the Bureau’s investigation of the shooting. “Our practice and our protocol is to release as soon as we can to inform,” Putney said.