Luxembourg Foreign Minister Demands Exclusion of Hungary From EU, USA Gymnasts Sexually Abused by Former USA Gymnastics Doctor

Exclude Hungary from EU, Says Luxembourg’s Asselborn-BBC News

In Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn’s interview with German newspaper Die Welt, he asked for Hungary to be removed from the European Union due to the country’s “massive violation” of EU fundamental values. Asselborn’s examples for these violations include Hungary’s treatment of refugees such as the Kelebia Transit Zone where refugees have been living in horrendous conditions along a razor wire fence for more than ten weeks and the recruitment of “border hunters” to keep migrants out of the country with pistols and pepper spray. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto responded to these comments, “Only Hungarians have the right to decide who they live with.” These comments come before a meeting of European leaders in Slovakia on Friday to discuss the European Union’s future.

Two Gymnasts Allege Sexual Abuse by now Former USA Gymnastics Doctor, Larry Nassar-CBS News

Two gymnasts, and a member from the 2000 U.S. women’s Olympic team have released information through court documents and interviews with newspapers showing that they were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, a former doctor for USA gymnastics. Nassar has been accused of groping and fondling teenage Olympians under the guise of physical therapy. “I was ashamed. I was very embarrassed. And I was very confused trying to reconcile what was happening with the person he was supposed to be,” Rachel Denhollander, the second gymnast in the case, told the Indianapolis Star newspaper about her sexual abuse by Dr. Nassar when she received physical therapy from him at Michigan State University. The lawsuit filed by the gymnasts is against Nassar and the USA Gymnastics organization for failing to inform US gymnasts that Nassar sexually exploited team members.

China, Russia Begin Joint Exercises in South China Sea-CNN

On Monday, Chinese and Russian naval forces began joint exercises in the South China Sea increasing tensions over China claiming land in the sea by transforming sandbars into islands with airfields and ports. China controls islands in the South China Sea more than 800 miles from the Chinese mainland in spite of objections from neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. The eight days of military exercise will include island landing operations and island defense and offense exercises. “Russia has sent some of its best vessels, including the Ropucha-class landing ship, and the Udaloy-class destroyer,” to take part in the exercises, according to Chinese state-run broadcaster CCTV.