Self-Driving Uber Cars Utilized In Pittsburgh, North Korea Conducts Nuclear Missile Test

Syria Conflict: Bombs Rain Down As Truce Hopes Rise-BBC News

Only hours after the United States and Russia announced plans for a truce in Syria, an air strike on a packed vegetable market in Ibib killed at least 35 people and 45 people died on strikes in the Aleppo Province. The 10-day truce begins at sunset on Monday with Syrian government forces ending combat in specific opposition-held areas. Also, in this plan for truce designed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Russia Sergei Lavrov the United States and Russia would join together to fight ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

North Korea Angers World with Nuclear Test, Even Its Friends-CBS News

On Thursday night, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear missile test, which was detected when a 5.3 magnitude tremor occurred in a remote region of North Korea. After the discovery of the nuclear missile test, the United Nations Security Council and South Korean officials had emergency meetings. President Barack Obama was outraged with news of the nuclear missile test and said that the U.S. Condemned the nuclear test, “in the strongest possible terms as a grave threat to regional security and to international peace and stability.”

No Driver? Bring It On. How Pittsburgh Became Uber’s Testing Ground-NY Times

This week, Uber will launch the company’s first fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh will become the first city to allow passengers to get a ride in an autonomous vehicle. Pittsburgh has not made any public service announcements about Uber’s autonomous vehicles and only Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and a police official have sat in an Uber self-driving vehicle. Uber plans to use 100 modified Volvo sport utility vehicles for passenger trials with a human supervisor behind the wheel. “You can either put up red tape or roll out the red carpet. If you want to be a 21st-century laboratory for technology, you put out the carpet,” Peduto said.