Emotional Ad About China's "Leftover Women", Parkour in War-Torn Gaza

Emotional Ad About China’s “Leftover Women” Goes Viral-BBC News

Females in China are pressured by their family and their government to marry before they turn 27 years old. Unmarried females in China above the age of 27 are considered “sheng nu” or leftover woman. China’s current Communist government wants women to marry to help counterbalance the gender imbalance created by China's former one-child policy. The ad called "Marriage Market Takeover" created by Leta Hong Fincher demonstrates how more Chinese single women are hoping to embrace the single lifestyle but experience emotional strain to marry from their parents and government. “But the torture being experienced by the women in holding out against intense marriage pressure is also extremely real. It reflects the reality of so many young women professionals in China,” Hong Fincher said.

War Blasted Gaza Becomes Perfect Stage for Sport of Parkour-CBS News

Parkour, an extreme sport combining gymnastics and agility training, is practiced in war-torn Gaza by a Parkour team known as the “Three-Run Gaza." Their name signifies that the team members have survived three wars. The team is currently stuck in Gaza because the country is under a blockade.The ruined cities of Gaza provide the perfect background to practice parkour.  “Parkour makes us feel free, nothing is holding you back,” Uday, a man on the parkour team said.

‘Calling Sweden. You Will Soon be Connected to a Random Swede, Somewhere in Sweden’-NY Times

To create more interest in the Scandinavian country of Sweden, a Swedish tourism agency created a single phone line that allows international callers to speak with randomly selected Swedish volunteers. These conversations can be about anything, but the Swedish Tourist Association hopes these calls will present a more authentic Sweden to curious tourists. As of Thursday afternoon, the Swedish Number has received 7,500 calls with most coming from Turkey and the United States.The Swedish Tourist Association believes that even though these calls can be about anything, Swedish people will be good ambassadors for their country. “It’s no worse than when we travel abroad and two people meet and talk about Sweden,” Magnus Ling, the secretary general and chief executive of the Swedish Tourist Association said.