EarthQuake Strikes Japan, IMAX Applies Movie Experience to Fitness Industry

Search Continues for Survivors After Biggest Japan Quake Since 2011-BBC News

On Thursday, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Kumamoto City, on the island of Kysuhu in Japan killing at least nine people and wounding more than 860 people. Japan’s seismology office measured this earthquake as a 7, the highest level, making this earthquake as powerful as the 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011. “I am praying for the souls of those who perished in the earthquake and offering my sympathy to families of the deceased, the injured, and the evacuated, and those affected by the disaster,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

IMAX Takes Supersized Experience to Fitness Industry-CBS News

IMAX has decided to apply their larger than life movie experience to exercise creating IMAXShift. IMAXShift combines pulsating music, a wall-to-wall screen and indoor cycling. IMAX may have created this exercise-focused project at the right time with the health club industry earning $24.2 billion in 2014, a seven percent increase from the previous year. “We can create these bigger experiences for people in the movie theater, why not take that and apply it to a space where consumers are really amped up,” IMaxShift CEO Bryan Marcovici said.

Dilma Rouseff Targeted in Brazil by Lawmakers Facing Scandals of Their Own-NY Times

The movement to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is gaining momentum in the Brazilian Congress and Senate. An important vote to send her case to the Senate for a trial is expected this weekend. However, many of the members in the Brazilian Congress face corruption and bribery charges. About 60 percent of the 594 members in the Brazilian Congress face charges including electoral fraud and illegal deforestation, according to Transparency Brazil a corruption-monitoring group.  President Rousseff has used this prevalent corruption as a defense strategy against her impeachment. "Dilma may have dug her own grave by not delivering on what she promised, but she is untainted in a political realm smeared with excrement from top to bottom,” Mario Sergio Conti, columnist for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo said.