Mission to Mars, Disaster Declaration for Louisiana

Mars TGO Mission Heads for Red Planet on Methane Quest-BBC News

Europe and Russia are working together to launch a satellite to discover how methane is produced in the world’s atmosphere and send a rover to Mars. The satellite lifted off from Kazakhstan on Monday and is investigating if methane is produced from a geological source or microbes. Also, this satellite is releasing a landing module known as Schiaparelli to land on Mars on Oct. 19 to make environmental observations. The Mars rover will be built in the UK and is supposed to leave Earth in 2018 but scheduling issues have come up causing the launch date to be more likely in 2020. 

Disaster Declaration Issued for Flood-Hit Areas of Louisiana-CBS News

Severe weather has impacted the South, specifically Louisiana. Widespread flooding in Louisiana has led to four deaths and National Guard troops have rescued more than 3,000 people in Louisiana. In response to the heavy flooding President Obama has issued a disaster declaration for parts of northern Louisiana. “It’s terrible to have to sit there and hold your kids at night and watch them cry because they’ve lost everything,” Krystal Brown, who lost her home in the flooding, said.

Momentum to Remove Confederate Symbols Slows or Stops-NY Times

 The massacre at Charleston’s Emmanuel African Methodist Church nine months ago influenced many Southern legislatures to remove the Confederate flag and symbols from public display yet now more Southern legislatures are trying to protect Confederate symbols from being removed from public display. For instance, there have been proposals in Alabama and Tennessee legislatures to protect controversial Confederate monuments and memorials.The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that there are at least 1,170 publicly funded Confederate Symbols across the United States.The massacre in Charleston caused this topic to be reflected upon and analyzed but this consideration does not always lead to action. "You had an awakening of society in 2015, but an awakening in and of itself, doesn't mean action," Justin T. Bamberg, state representative of South Carolina said.