Migrants Break Down Macedonian Border Fence, Temporary Cease-Fire In Syria

Migrants Break Down Macedonia Fence on Greek Border-BBC News

Migrants on the Macedonia-Greece border ripped away at the barbed wire fence and smashed a section of the fence open with a metal signpost that is preventing them from entering Macedonia. The Macedonia police responded by firing tear gas at the migrants. About 7,000 people have been stuck on the Greek side of the border with small amounts of food and few opportunities to receive medical assistance since Macedonia has only let a small number of migrants into their country. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pleaded with Europe to help Greece with its large influx of migrants. “Do you seriously believe that all the euro states that fought all the way to keep Greece in the eurozone, and we were the strictest, can one year later allow Greece to, plunge into chaos?” Merkel said in a TV interview.

As Patchwork Truce Hangs On, Syrian See Glimmer of Hope-CBS News

The temporary cease-fire in Syria appears to still be largely intact two days after it was enforced. Activists and members of the opposition have reported that Russia continues to bomb moderate rebels in Syria. This cease-fire is intended to allow the rebel groups, Syrian government, United States and Russia to hold peace talks. The U.N. is also using the cease-fire to deliver aid to 150,000 Syrians in the next five days. 

Guatemala Sentences 2 Ex-Military Officials for Using Women As Sex Slaves-CNN

Guatemala has sentenced two former military officials to over 100 years in prison for using women as sex slaves during the 1980s when Guatemala was experiencing a civil war. The military officials were accused of carrying out “forced disappearances” and using 15 indigenous women as sex slaves. The victims in this case are now in there 70s and 80s and waited more than three decades for justice. “These historical convictions send the unequivocal message that sexual violence is a serious crime and that no matter how much time passes, it will be punished," Erika Guevara-Rosas of Amnesty International said.