Syrian Rebel Groups Respect Truce, Teenager Swept Into Lake Michigan

Syria Conflict: Nearly 100 Rebel Groups ‘will respect truce’-BBC News

The High Negotiations Committee has announced that almost 100 rebel groups have agreed to respect the truce that went into effect on Friday. This temporary “cessation of hostilities” concerns Syrian government forces and rebel forces. HNC also does not want the Syrian government troops and their allies to take advantage of the truce. Before the truce was enacted Russian air strikes targeted rebel bases east of Damascus, north of Homs Province and west of Aleppo province.  “It’s as if they (the Russians and the government) want to subdue rebels in these regions or score points before the ceasefire,” Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head, Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Teen Missing After Being Swept Into Lake Michigan By Huge Wave-CBS News

Chicago firefighters have stopped their search for a teenager that was swept into Lake Michigan on Thursday by a large wave at Diversey Harbor. Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford explained the incident as two friends walking along the lakeshore when a wave swept up an 18-year-old male into the water. The Fire Department sent scuba divers into Diversey Harbor to search for the teen but postponed the search after an hour due to “extreme turbulence.” “It was very difficult to dive. There was zero visibility. And, with this wave action out here, it really caused a lot of difficulty during the dive," Chicago Fire Department Deputy District Chief Don Dorneker said.

U.S. Seeks to Roll Back Human Rights Conditions on Egypt Aid-CNN

The Obama administration is considering waiving long-standing human right conditions as a form of aid to Egypt. However, human rights groups in Egypt view this as the worst period of human right abuses in their country including an Egyptian military court recently convicting a toddler on murder charges by mistake. Secretary of State John Kerry is aware of the numerous cases of human rights abuse but defended the administration’s position on this issue. “We’ve got a huge interest in making sure Egypt doesn’t go down into a more difficult status than it is,” Kerry said.  Human rights groups are upset with the U.S. considering omitting the human rights conditions. “This is the worst period for human rights abuses, as well as the closure of political space, in Egypt’s modern history,” Executive Director of the project on Middle East Democracy, Stephen Mclnerney said.