Three Hospitals Hit by Air Strikes in Syria, Malawi Prison Band Nominated for Grammy

Syria Conflict: Three Hospitals Hit in Air Strikes-BBC News

Three hospitals in Northern Syria were hit by air strikes including one hospital in the town of Maarat al-Numan that was hit by four missiles minutes apart. This “leads us to believe that…it wasn’t an accidental attack, that it was deliberate,” Sam Taylor, the spokesman for MSF operations in Syria said. Medecines Sans Frontieres claims that the Syrian government or Russia was responsible for the attack. According to the World Health Organization, 240 health facilities in Syria have been hit since late 2015 and 40 percent of Syrians lack basic care. 

2016 Python Challenge in Florida Better Than Last Time-CBS News

A state-sanctioned hunt in the Florida Everglades to remove invasive Burmese pythons ends this Sunday with 102 pythons captured since the hunt began on Jan. 16. This hunt has been more successful than the first public python hunt in 2013 when 68 pythons were captured. The Burmese pythons threaten the native mammal population in the Everglades and have entered the Everglades due to pet owners releasing their pet snakes once they become too big for their homes.

Malawi Gets First Grammy Nomination, With Album by Prison Inmates-NY Times

 In the maximum security Zomba prison in Malawi, Africa 14 prisoners and two guards recorded an album with lessons of loss, sin and forgiveness that was nominated for a Grammy Award in the world music category. The album “I Have No everything Here” was produced by Ian Brennan, an American that travels around the world looking for original music.The songs in the album reflect on problems in African societies such as the tensions between individual labor and communal spirit and the crime of jealousy-fueled killing of children unique to Malawi. “Many people across the world who had never heard of Malawi, are now saying, ‘There’s a country called Malawi!’” Chikondi Salange, a prisoner planning to be released in August said.