Why We Need to Look Beyond Avon


I have written the Beyond Avon section for three years hoping to inform RC students with news happening in the United States and around the world. I was lucky enough to be born in Belgium and live for seven years in England and two years in Australia. These experiences forced me to look at the world from many different points of view. I’ve seen the world through the eyes of the dramatic and pessimistic British, the outgoing but always chill Aussies and the proud and passionate eyes of my first-generation Icelandic grandma.

Looking at Different Points of View

By looking at the world through these different points of view, I have to consider culture and history that is different than my own and how these components impact the current situation in these countries. I happen to be a fan of history so researching information about a different country intrigues me and allows me to see if history is repeating itself or if these actions are influenced by the changing elements in these countries. A source I often go to is bbc.com. I have frequently cited bbc.com in my Beyond Avon articles because this news website provides news from all around the world such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Also, BBC News is a website that provides timelines and maps of where the news is taking place. As a result, I am able to learn about the history of the country and be aware of where on the map this event has occurred. Additionally, BBC News allows me to hear American news from another point of view and even find stories that are not covered on US news websites. I encourage you to check out international news sites so you are aware of events happening around the world and hear news about America from another point of view.

Be Willing to Look at International Websites

Being willing to look at news from international websites is critical as the world is becoming more polarized and quick to criticize the perceived “enemy”. Having an interest in the world outside of Rochester College through international news websites forces you to interact with other points of view. As a result, you have to think critically about these points of view instead of hearing news from one website or TV station that supports your point of view. Taking this step out of the comfort zone, provides you with information that can be used for vibrant discussion instead of attacking people that do not support your point of view. We live in a world quick to start conflicts instead having discussions or conversations about these topics. So, by interacting with different points of view and being informed about events happening around the world you can be prepared to discuss these topics creating conversation instead of aggressive ideological battles.

Being Informed: A Skill You Can Take Anywhere

I may be sounding like one of your teachers or parents but BEING INFORMED about the world Beyond Avon is a skill you can take anywhere and talk to anyone about. The world will continue to get more diverse and ironically more polarized but by seeking out and respecting other points of view there can be a middle ground of discussion. Let’s start these discussions by looking Beyond Avon!

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”-William Arthur Ward