Germans Urged Not to Scapegoat Migrants After Afghan Teen Arrested, Donald and Ivanka Trump Talk with Al Gore


Freiburg Murder: Germans Urged Not to Scapegoat Migrants-BBC News

A 17-year old Afghan boy under suspicion for raping and murdering a 19-year-old medical student in Freiburg, Germany this October was arrested. The German government, specifically Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has ordered Germans to not use the crime as an excuse to harm migrants or exploit the crime, “for incitement and conspiracy propaganda". The anti-Islam Alternate for Germany party has gained ground in local elections in Germany and in the past two years, migrant hostels have been burned down. “We must not forget that we’re talking about the possible act of one Afghan refugee, not that of a whole group of people, who are Afghans or refugees like him,” Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Spokesman, Steffen Seibert said.

Donald and Ivanka Trump Meet with Al Gore-CBS News

Former Vice President Al Gore met with Donald and Ivanka Trump on Monday at the Trump Tower in New York. He met with Ivanka Trump first to talk about climate change and then spoke with president-elect Donald Trump. “I had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect. It was a sincere search for common ground,” Gore said.

Syria War: Russia, China Vote Against Aleppo Ceasefire-CNN

China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Monday asking for a seven-day ceasefire in east Aleppo to allow aid to reach civilians in the war-ravaged zone. As the United Nations Security Council discussed the resolution, the Syrian regime continues to bomb east Aleppo, which the rebels have held for more than four years. The United States and Russia are working together on an agreement that will remove all rebel groups from eastern Aleppo so that aid can be safely delivered to civilians in the area. “Once they’re set, a ceasefire regime will come into force to start the evacuation of these armed groups. If US-Russian cooperation on this will bring results—and we have all reasons to believe it will do so—then the problem of eastern Aleppo will be effectively solved,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.