Arizona Grandma Invites Stranger Over for Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey President Threatens EU with Migrant Influx

Migrant Crisis: Turkey Threatens EU with New Surge-BBC News

In response to a non-binding vote by the European Parliament to prevent talks moving forward about the EU Membership of Turkey, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned the EU he would allow thousands of migrants to travel into Europe from Turkey. He also accused the EU of breaking promises on a March deal where the EU would help Turkey with its influx of migrants and as a result of this assistance Turkey would receive aid, visa free travel for Turkish nationals and the EU would have more discussions about Turkey’s EU membership. Currently, Turkey hosts three million migrants and last year more than one million travelled to Europe. “Listen to me: these border gates will be opened if you go any further,” Erdogan warned the EU on Friday.

Dodo Skeleton a Grim Reminder of Man’s Impact on Nature-CBS News

A dodo skeleton sold for $416,000 with commissions at a British auction house representing how famous the bird is worldwide and how humans can cause animal species to become extinct. Dodos were first discovered by European sailors on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius in the late 1500s and were extinct 80 years later. The dodo extinction was well documented making the phrase “dead as a dodo” become a saying that could be heard worldwide. “Animal and bird species are being made extinct at a faster rate than ever. And that is one way or another, our fault, or mankind’s fault. So whether we’re actually learning the lesson, I don’t think I’d like to say,” Errol Fuller, a dodo expert said.

Grandma Who Promised to Feed Stranger Via Wrong Text Keeps Promise-CNN

 Wanda Dench, a grandma from Mesa, Arizona initially was hoping to text her grandson and invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner but ended up sending the message to 17-year-old Jamal Hinton instead. Hinton didn’t recognize the number so he asked for Dench to send her a picture. Hinton realized Dench wasn’t his grandma, but still asked if he could stop by for Thanksgiving dinner. “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do…feed everyone,” Dench replied. Inspired by Dench’s kindness he posted his exchange with her online, forgetting to remove her number causing Dench to receive hundreds of text messages. Dench enjoyed having Hinton over to her house for Thanksgiving, “We got to eat food and talk about his plans for the future, and I am just so excited for him,” Dench said. She also explained, It’s a good feeling to give kindness, and it’s a wonderful feeling to receive it,” Dench said.