Donald Trump Will Not Quit Over Video, Wikileaks Release Transcripts From Clinton Paid Speeches


US Election: Donald Trump Says He Will Not Quit Over Video-BBC News

The Washington Post released a video on Friday from 2005 of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women when Trump was appearing as a guest star on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives". In the video, he says, “you can do anything” to women “when you’re a star.” Since the video has been released, at least ten Republican senators said they will not be voting for Trump and a few have asked him to withdraw from the presidential race. Trump’s wife Melania also expressed disgust with her husband’s statements, “The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me.” Trump has responded to Republicans asking him to pull out of the race, “I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life.”

Podesta Emails Show Excerpts of Clinton Speeches to Goldman-CBS News

Wikileaks released 2,060 emails with excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s paid Wall Street speeches that were hacked from an email account belonging to Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta on Friday. These 25 excerpts reveal why Clinton refused to publicize these speech transcripts during the primary even though she was pressured by Senator Bernie Sanders. One email is labeled “Clinton Admits She Is Out of Touch” from a Feb. 4 speech called “Goldman-Black Rock”.  In this speech, Clinton says, “I do think there is a growing sense of anxiety and even anger in the country over the feeling the game is rigged…. We had our little, you know, one-family house that, you know, he saved up his money, didn’t believe in mortgages. So I lived that. And now, obviously I’m kind of far removed because of the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven’t forgotten it.”

Eastern Aleppo ‘could be destroyed in months,’ a UN Envoy Warns-CNN

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura warned French officials that if Aleppo continues to get attacked at its current rate, Aleppo, “may be totally destroyed” in the next couple months. France and Russia are working on another resolution to give to the UN security council in order to end hostilities in Aleppo by stopping airstrikes and bringing humanitarian aid to the citizens of Aleppo. “The reality is…at this rate unless there is a major game-changer…the cruel, constant use of military (acts) –bombing, fighting, destruction- - in Aleppo will continue. Let’s be honest,” Mistura said.