German Government Creating Apps to Help Refugees Adapt to Germany, Historic Black School in Virginia Vandalized



Rio 2016: IOC Called to Help Compensate Child Victims of Violence-BBC News

Children rights groups in Brazil have released reports to the International Olympic Committee showing an increase in police violence towards adolescents and an increase in the number of Brazilian citizens killed by police. The report includes a 103% increase in police killings during April, May and June in Brazil compared to 2015 and a large number of adolescents being placed in detention centers for minor offenses. Terre des Hommes, one of the children’s right groups is asking the IOC to create rules for future Olympic games obliging future host cities to comply with international children’s rights standards. “We call upon the IOC to put in place all measures necessary to avoid repeating the same pattern of violations we have seen in Rio,” Andrea Florence, author of the Breaking Records report that found evidence of these violations by Brazilian police officers said.

Germany Taps Tech to Help Refugees Find Community, Fit in-CBS News

In the last year alone, nearly 1.1 million people registered for asylum in Germany but these refugees still have to get a job, learn German, learn about German culture and find a place to live. In order to help the refugees, learn German and interact with Germans, the German government and aid organizations have designed apps to help immigrants learn German and become friends with Germans. For instance, the German government’s Ankommen (Arrival) app provides refugees with details about the asylum process and basic German phrases. “It was very important to understand what asylum seekers want and need to know,” Zakia Chlili, project manager for the Ankommen app said.

Historic Black School in Virginia Vandalized with Racist Messages-CNN

The historic Ashburn colored school in northern Virginia opened in 1892 to give black children the opportunity to receive an education. The school offered classes to black children for six decades through the years of intense segregation. During the past two years, local students had been working to convert the old schoolhouse into a museum. However, on Saturday night the schoolhouse was vandalized with racist messages and other offensive messages. “The vandalism to Ashburn Old School is reprehensible and will not be tolerated here,” Loudon County Sherriff Mike Chapman said.