Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize in Literature, Three Men Accused of Plotting to Bomb Kansas Mosque

Kansas Mosque: Three Men Accused of Plot to Bomb Somalis-BBC News

Three men, Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49 and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47 have been charged with plotting to bomb a mosque and apartments in Garden City, Kansas where Somalis lived. The suspects had written a manifesto explaining that they planned to bomb the mosque and apartment complex on Nov. 9, the day after the presidential election. These charges influenced the Council on American-Islamic Relations to encourage law enforcement throughout the United States to provide more protection for mosques. “We ask our nation’s political leaders, and particularly political candidates, to reject the growing Islamophobia in our nation,” Nihad Awad, the Council on American-Islamic Relations national executive director said.  

U.S., Russia Attempt Restart of Efforts to Quell Syria Violence-CBS News

The United States and Russia’s relations have deteriorated since the United States has claimed that Russian hacking is influencing the U.S. presidential election and both countries were unable to find an effective resolution to end the violence in Aleppo, Syria. However, the two countries plan to meet again in Lausanne, Switzerland to try and figure out a strategy to end the war in Syria. One of the main issues for Russia in this discussion, is the inability of the United States to separate the moderate opposition groups in Syria from the terrorist organizations, such as Nusra Front, a former al Qaeda affiliate. Yet, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s U.N. ambassador and current president of the security council believes both countries can improve upon the first resolution on Sept. 9 to bring humanitarian aid to eastern Aleppo.“If we revisit the arrangements of Sept. 9, I think we could do it and that would be interesting—another very important element of our working together if we are serious about humanitarian supplies for eastern Aleppo,” Churkin said.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, Redefining Boundaries of Literature-NY Times

Bob Dylan, the musician known for his protest and folk songs such as “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin” won the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday. He became the first musician to win this award creating a debate about the artistic value of song lyrics in comparison to poems and novels. Dylan has published poetry and prose, as shown by his 1971 collection “Tarantula” and he has used literary allusions in his songs. Literary scholars have often discussed if Dylan’s lyrics could also be seen as poetry. “Bob Dylan is the 2 percent club of songwriters whose lyrics are interesting on the page even without the harmonica and the guitar and his very distinctive voice. I think he does qualify as poetry,” Billy Collins, the former United States poet laureate said.