Oregon Standoff Continues, U.S. Begins Exporting Oil


Oregon Standoff: Four Militants Remain at Wildlife Refuge-BBC

Only four anti-government militants remain at the Oregon wildlife refuge where they have been occupying the land since January insisting that government officials give the federal land to local control. The group’s leader, Ammon Bundy is now in jail and the FBI killed one of the militants on Tuesday at a police roadblock. A federal judge explained to the Oregonian newspaper that none of the arrested militants would be released until the last few militants surrender.

Sign of Hope After Stumbling Start at Syria Peace Talks-CBS News

Peace talks have begun in Geneva between U.N. officials and Syrian opposition groups looking to find a solution to end Syria’s civil war. At first, the main Syrian opposition group said it would not attend the debate till the Russians stopped bombing civilians. However, HNC a Syrian opposition group is now planning to be present at the negotiations. HNC is also arguing that before negotiations can be made to end the civil war ways to improve the treatment of Syrian civilians needs to be discussed. “There cannot be any negotiations as long as the humanitarian issues have not been discussed or implemented, Ahmad Ramadan, a senior official with the Syrian national coalition, which is part of the HNC said.

After 40-Year Ban U.S. Starts Exporting Crude Oil-CNN

A 40-year ban was lifted by Congress regarding the export of U.S. oil and shipments have begun heading to Europe. The amount of oil produced in the U.S. from the shale revolution has caused oil prices in the U.S. to drop to below $30 a barrel. The oil heading overseas will help countries that receive oil from countries with unstable political climates to consistently have a supplier of oil. “The fact that producers have free access to the global market will make it easier for U.S. supply to respond to disruptions around the world,” Jason Bordoff, a former energy adviser to President Obama and currently a professor at Columbia University said.