Gov. Snyder Seeks Federal Support with Flint Water Crisis, US Self-Driving Cars Proposal


US Plans $4bn for Self-Driving Rules-BBC News

The Department of Transportation has announced a 10-year $4 billion proposal focused on getting self-driving cars on US roads in the near future. The plan is to create consistent laws for self-driving cars in all fifty states. Several firms had complained that not having a consistent law on self-driving cars was hindering the development of autonomous technology.  In October, Volvo complained about the United States not having consistent laws for self-driving cars saying, “The absence of one set of rules means car makers cannot conduct credible tests to develop cars that meet all the different guidelines of all 50 states.”

Flint Water Crisis: Michigan Governor Seeks Obama’s Help-CBS News

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is asking for more federal aid to help combat the Flint drinking water crisis. The Flint tap water became contaminated with lead in 2014 when the city changed its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River in order to save money when under state financial management. Snyder announced this week that officials including the National Guard would hand out water bottles and filters to Flint residents. Snyder has also contacted FEMA to come up with a recovery plan for this crisis. “It is the state’s ultimate responsibility to act and make it right. Flint residents are the victims in this crisis and they deserve a more urgent response equal to the gravity of the crisis,” U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, a Democrat that represents Flint said.

Jakarta Attack May Signal Revival of Bloody Campaign in Indonesia-NY Times 

Indonesia has seen many of its residents go to Syria to join ISIS. Yet, in the last month there have been terrorist attacks in Indonesia targeting Western icons and churches.  These violent Islamists consist of three overlapping pro-Islamic State groups with one of these groups receiving instructions from an Indonesian fighter working for the Islamic State in Syria. There was a terrorist attack on Thursday in Jakarta near the regional offices of the United Nations and a Starbucks killing two civilians. “If it turns out Starbucks was deliberately targeted, rather than just the nearby police post, that would be the first attack on a Western icon since the hotel bombings in 2010,” Sidney Jones, an expert on terrorism in the country and the director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict in Jakarta said.