U.N. Brings Food to Starving Syrian Town, El Chapo Captured



Migrant Crisis: Germany Sends Migrants Back to Austria-BBC News

Since the beginning of January, Germany has been sending hundreds of migrants back to Austria due to a lack of valid documents or the migrants seek asylum in other European countries such as Scandinavia. These migrants are from Morocco, Afghanistan, and Algeria since most of the Syrian migrants are granted asylum in Germany.  Additionally, during New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany many women were sexually assaulted and ten of the suspects arrested from this incident were asylum seekers.  As a result, there is more pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to control the flow of migrants into Germany. “The daily number of migrants being turned back has risen from 60 in September to 200 since the start of the year,” David Furtner, police spokesman In Upper Austria state, told AFP news.

After Global Outcry, Aid Headed for Besieged Syrian Towns-CBS News

The Syrian town of Madaya received food from the U.N. after being blockaded for months from the outside world by Syrian government troops and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.  In the last few days, photos of staving children and reports of malnourished residents were posted on social media finally bringing attention to this starvation crisis in Syria.  Yacoub El Hillo, the U.N.’s Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria, reported that 42,000 people are in serious risk of hunger and starvation in Madaya, As a result of these images and statistics, the U.N. Food Program will ship one month’s worth of food for more than 40,00 people to Madaya.

Theatrics Surrounding El Chapo’s Capture Distract from Mexico’s Real Woes-NY Times

The Mexican government recaptured the prominent and powerful drug cartel Joaquin Guzman Loera known by the Mexican public and world as El Chapo after multiple escapes.  There has been widespread support to extradite Loera to the United States since corrupt government officials have kept this famous drug cartel free from capture for multiple years.  The realization that American actor Sean Penn interviewed Loera has caused the Mexican public disbelief and concern about the Mexican government’s ability to handle the drug crime that is prevalent in Mexico.  “The underlying thing is-here is is EL Chapo, but what about the other protagonists of Mexican impunity and violence, the politicians and police forces that for decades have been their allies and partners?” Enrique Krauze, a well-known historian in Mexico said.