Ruling Legalizes growing of marijuana in Mexico, Large Sexting Scandal at Colorado High School


Mexico Court Ruling Could Eventually Lead to Legal Marijuana-BBC

The Mexico Supreme Court in a 4-1 vote ruled that prohibiting people from growing marijuana was unconstitutional.  However, this ruling does not legalize the selling of marijuana in Mexico.  The advocacy group Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Use brought this issue to the Mexico Supreme Court’s attention. “If… this supreme court is taking such an important step towards legalization of drugs, or at least some of them, I suggest that we are equally careful and responsible in crafting a ruling of the same magnitude,” Judge Jose Ramon Cossio said.

Colo. Students in Sexting Scandal Could Face Felony Charges-CBS News

Hundreds of high school students, some only in eighth grade, at Canon City High School in Colorado have been taking part in a “large scale” sexting scandal.  Administrators began investigating into this activity after receiving an anonymous tip, and started inspecting phones that were given to them voluntarily by students.  “The decision was made based on what we saw to call the police at that point, you just need to hand over everything you got and let the criminal investigation proceed,” Superintendent George Welsh said.  Students found guilty of possessing nude photos could face felony charges.

France to Tighten Border Controls before U.N. Climate Change Meeting, official says-CNN

France will initiate strict border measures as the country hosts a U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 with many international dignitaries attending including President Barack Obama.  These measures do not prevent people from coming into France from other European countries but forces them to experience stricter border control security.  France is enforcing these measures “in the context of a terrorist threat or risk of disruption to public order,” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.