Nov. 2-6: US Supreme Court Examines White Jury Case, Illinois School District Violates Transgender Student's Rights


US Supreme Court Hears White Jury Case-BBC

The US Supreme Court is investigating a case that took place in 1987 where an all-white jury sentenced a black teenager to death row for killing a white woman.  Timothy Foster the defendant in the case is arguing that preventing black people from participating in his jury led to his sentence having a harsher penalty. The prosecutor in the case, Stephen Lanier placed Foster on death row to, “deter other people out there in the projects.”  The US Supreme Court ruled in 1986 that jurors could not be discriminated from taking part in the jury due to race.  Justice Elena Kagan sees this case as a clear violation of this ruling.

Survey Reveals Suprising Facts about Kid’s Online Connections-CBS News

A survey by Common Sense Media reveals that two-thirds of teens carry their smartphones with them. This survey also found that teens spend nine hours a day on “entertainment media” which includes watching online videos and listening to music.  However, less than half of the teens surveyed said they use social media on a daily basis. “You would think that would be a much higher percentage, given how much time they feel that they are on it. But the truth is they feel they have to be there because their friends are,” Common Sense Media CEO and founder, Jim Steyer.

Illinois District Violated Transgender Student’s Rights, U.S. Says-NYTimes 

Federal education authorities found that an Illinois school district disregarded anti-discrimination laws when the school would not allow a transgender student who identifies as a girl and plays on a girl’s sports team to change and shower in the girl’s locker room without limitations. This decision according to education officials was the first ruling regarding the rights of transgender students in public schools. The school district in Palatine, Ill. has been given 30 days by the Education Department to improve the situation for the transgender student or face sanctions. “All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities-this is a basic civil right,” The Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, Catherine Lhamon said in a statement.