'Jihadi John' Targeted, Terrorist Attacks in Paris Kill Hundreds


‘Jihadi John’: US Airstrike Targets Islamic State Militant in Syria-BBC

On Thursday, the US military carried out a drone strike targeting Islamic State militant ‘Jihadi John’ in Raqqa, Syria. The US military believes that there is a “high degree of certainty” ‘Jihadi John’ was killed by the drone strike.  ‘Jihadi John’s’ real name is Mohammed Emwazi and he is the person responsible for the beheadings of two US journalists and an American and British aid worker.  “We have a long reach, we have unwavering determination and we never forget about our citizens,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said in response to the drone strike.

Campus Marches Over Student Debt Held Around the Country-CBS News

On Thursday, students from hundreds of colleges and universities marched for free tuition, the cancellation of debt from student loans, and a $15 minimum wage for student workers.  This march known as the Million Student March began due to remarks made by Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders stating that Republicans in Congress would tackle the student debt problem if millions of college students marched on Washington. The average student debt today is $5,500 higher than three years ago, which means the student loan crisis could eventually be a retirement for current college students.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris Kill Hundreds-BBC

On Friday night, multiple terrorist attacks occured in the city of Paris.  The terrorist attacks were planned and initiated by eight gunmen and suicide bombers targeting two bars and restaurants, Stade de France, which was hosting an international soccer match between France and Germany and the Bataclan concert hall.  Two bombs went off outside the Stade de France while the soccer match was going on causing the French President Francois Hollande who was watching the game to be evacuated from the stadium. At the Bataclan concert hall, two gunmen opened fire during a concert by US rock group Eagles of Death Metal immedieately killing at least 80 people.  All the terrorist attacks in total killed at least 128 people.  The Islamic State released a statement claiming responosbilty for the attacks.  During the next five days, government buildings in Paris will be closed and events bringing together large groups of people will be cancelled.  "So France will be pitiless in its response to the Islamic miltiants," Hollande said.