Oct. 30-Nov. 1: End of One Child Policy, Migrant Boat Sinks off of Greek Island


China’s One Child Policy Reversal Cautiously Welcomed-BBC

On Thursday, the Chinese government reported that the one-child policy, which began in 1979 would be abolished.  This policy was created to help China slow population growth so the country could better manage its resources and move their economy forward.  However, the policy may have prevented 400 million births and psychologically damaged many mothers that had to have abortions.  “As a result of the policy, my mother had to endure two abortions. Even today, she talks about ‘Number Two’ and ‘Number 3’ and what they may have been like,” Juliana Liu told the BBC.  The Chinese government did not say when this new policy would begin.

Dozens Missing, 15 Dead as Refugee Boat Sinks-CBS News

On Thursday, off the coast of the Greek island of Lesbos a large wooden boat containing migrants sank, killing seven people and 30 people were reported missing.  Lesbos is the Greek island that has been responsible for taking in large group of migrants as they leave Turkey a few miles away. 30,00 migrants have landed on the island this year and the number of migrants arriving has increased each year. “Safe passage, EU entry visas on humanitarian grounds, and permits to join family members, study and receive health treatment are solutions that we should all look into seriously,” said Greece’s merchant marine minister, Thodoros Dritsas.

Nigerians Free Hundreds in Raid on Boko Haram Camp-CNN

On Tuesday, the Nigerian army rescued 338 people including 192 children, 138 women and eight men from Boko Haram camps located in the Bulajilin and Manawashe villages near the Sambisa Forest.  The Nigerian government did not announce if any of the children rescued Tuesday were any of the girls kidnapped from Chibok, Nigeria in April, 2014, which led to the “Bring Back Our Girls Campaign.” This campaign was a worldwide protest to bring these girls back to their home.  “We shall continue to decisively deal with Boko Haram terrorists until they are defeated,” the Nigerian army said in a statement.