Oct. 26-30: New Refugee Reception Centers, Violent High School Arrest

Migrant Crisis: Thousands of New Refugee Reception Centers Agreed-BBC

European leaders at an emergency summit meeting in Brussels met to figure out a plan to deal with the influx of migrants into Europe. Greece has seen an increased rate of migrants coming to its shores with 9,000 migrants landing on its shores every day last week. The European leaders agreed to open new reception centers in Greece and the Balkan countries, send 400 police officers to Slovenia to help the country deal with large numbers of migrants on its border, and have contact officers that keep track of and share migrant numbers to other countries.  “This is one of the greatest litmus test that Europe has ever faced,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Syria’s Assad Allegedly Open to Elections, but Only if He Wins-CBS News

After Russian officials met with Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Sunday, he expressed an interest in holding parliamentary elections.  The U.S., Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are trying to figure out how to end the five-year civil war in Syria that has killed 250,000 people.  Moderate rebel groups within Syria and Western countries will not support any plan that does not remove Assad from power and will not accept Syrian government elections if they occur. “What we care about is Assad leaving, not turning this from a war against the regime to a war against terrorism, “ said Ahmed Saoud, a defected army officer in charge of the 13th Division group.

Spring Valley High School Officer Suspended After Violent High School Arrest -CNN

On Tuesday, a viral video emerged showing South Carolina school resource officer Ben Fields arresting a teenage female student by throwing her out of her desk and then dragging her across the floor. The female student had been asked to leave the class and would not leave. As a result, the school resource officer was brought in to remove her from the classroom.  The female student that was arrested faces a charge of disturbing schools and due to her violent arrest has a fractured arm and a bruise on her head.  The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in South Carolina have filed an investigation to see if any federal laws were violated during this violent incident.  “What we all watched on that shamefully, shocking video is reprehensible, unforgivable, and inconsistent with everything this district stands for, what we work for, and what we aspire to be,” said James Manning, head of the Richland School District Two Board.